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Cruise New Caledonia

Cruise New Caledonia

Crusie in New Caledonia

A cruise in New Caledonia is going to be something quite special. The New Caledonian islands are gorgeous and each of them offers something completely different.

While the main cruise to operate in the area is a P&O cruise New Caledonia, there are also a few other tour operators. For the most part, they will all tend to stop in the same locations.

P & O New Caledonia Cruise

Cruise Port

The first location you head to will probably be the Noumea New Caledonia cruise port. This is the capital of the island and, as you may expect, is where most of the life is.

Since this area was built up by the French (after the British got there), you can expect the region to have very French influences. Many people who head to the islands not on cruise will use this as a starting point for exploring the islands.

Cruise to Isle of Pines

The Isle of Pines will also come up on your tours. This island is famous for the huge pine trees that dominate the landscape. The area has barely any population nowadays, despite being used as a penal island in the past.

This island is actually drastically different from Noumea. This is because the island boasts more of a ‘native culture’ and other than a few abandoned buildings, the French influence can barely be felt.

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Cruise New Caledonia
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Cruise to Lifou

Lifou is regarded as an area which is ‘like Paris, just without the Eiffel Tower’. This is a gorgeous area to cruise through. This is because of the beautiful coral reefs which dominate the region. If you shore on this island, you will be able to explore gorgeous, sandy beaches, coves, and fantastic landscapes. Tour companies tend to run a number of brilliant tours on this island, so you would do well to take part in one of them!

Mare has an ‘untouched’ beauty to it. This is an island shaped by volcanic activity, and it certainly shows. While there is not a lot going on here in terms of shopping and dining, you don’t really need that. If you want an island where you can truly experience the beauty that the Pacific is able to offer, then this is the place that you are going to want to head.

P&O Cruise

Remember, a P&O cruise in New Caledonia may not just cover the New Caledonian islands. Many of them will take you to other islands in the Pacific. Yes, these trips are going to be slightly more expensive, but the Pacific region is just so gorgeous it is going to be worth every penny that you spend on them!

It is worth noting that you probably will not require a visa for a New Caledonia cruise. If you are European, you certainly will not need one as the area is defined as French territory.

If you do not live in Europe, then it is worth doing your research, although the tour operator will probably be able to assist you with the sourcing of a visa if it is required. Why wait life is short start enjoying your New Caledonia holiday now

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Noumea Cruise
P & O New Caledonia Cruise

The Best Experience Ever

Lifou New Caledonia is considered to be a little paradise on Earth. It provides many interesting activities so you can relax for a bit but also explore this place and prepare yourself to retell your experience!
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