New Caledonia Cruise

New Caledonia Cruise

New Caledonia Cruise

Cruising to New Caledonia

Every year more than 250 cruise liners stop at the ports of New Caledonia. April, May, September and October are the best months to cruise to Caledonia. The cruises to New Caledonia generally cover Noumea, Mare Islands, Lifou Islands and Isle of Pine.

We have listed 5 of the best cruises to new Caledonia. Check them out

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Most frequent questions about cruising to New Caledonia

The main companies that provide cruise to New Caledonia is The Carnival Cruises, Princess Cruise, P&O Cruise, Royal Caribbean Cruise and Pacific Legend. 

The price of the Cruise varies from $1400 NZD to $2500 NZD. The prices vary depending upon the number of days, luxury of the rooms booked and also about the amenities to be utilized in the cruise.

Cruise to New Caledonia takes anywhere from 14 hours  to 14 days depending on where it stops over. It all depends on what you want. 

On a good day the Cruise sails at 65 km per hour. The speed is reduced if the weather is bad. 

New Caledonia Visa

New Caledonia Cruise Visa

If one is travelling in an Australian Cruise to New Caledonia, he or she needs not apply for new caledonia cruise visa. The US citizens are also exempted from visa to New Caledonia.

For the rest of the tourists willing to travel to New Caledonia can visit the French Consulate to obtain a tourist visa to New Caledonia. However if the other tourists, that are foreign to Australia can travel with Australia visa which is more than sufficient as visa for new caledonia cruise.

Usually when a cruise is booked, the cruise members take care of the visa requirements. Therefore approach them and enquire what can be done for the visa problems of New Caledonia Visit.

The Schenzen agreement of the European where there are no restrictions of Visa during their travel to the countries that have signed the agreement. The Schenzen agreement is not agreed in New Caledonia. Therefore even the citizens of European have to get a visa to visit New Caledonia.

Visa To New Caledonia

5 best cruises to new Caledonia

The Carnival Cruise Ship

The Carnival Cruise

What do they offer ?

The Carnival Cruise offers cruises from Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. However the trip to the New Caledonia is only from Sydney. They offer 9 nights, 8 nights and 10 nights packages.

The New Caledonia Carnival Cruise begins and ends in Sydney. It includes Noumea, Mare, Lifou and Isle of Pine in its itinerary. The price of the Cruise varies from 1200 AUD to 1900 AUD.

The prices vary depending upon the number of days, luxury of the rooms booked and also about the amenities to be utilised in the cruise

Carnival Cruise Packages

The basic package of the Carnival Cruise to New Caledonia is for 8 days. It includes 4 nights of cruise journey, and 1 night at the each island.

The Carnival Cruise to New Caledonia includes fitness centre, adult only retreat, waterslides, dive – in theatres, camp ocean and Tequila bar. It provides all types of cuisine like Beleiguana Mexican Cantina, Barbecues and Bonsai Sushis. There are some good spas on the cruise to look for. They give an Elemis Oxydermy facial massage.

It combines micro – dermabrasion and oxygen. The massage charges are $186 for 55 minute. However they are expensive as compared to the land.

The Carnival Cruise inside
Carnival Cruise Packages

The Carnival Cruise to New Caledonia has a Deck 9 adult only level. Kids are not allowed inside the deck. The deck has hot tub, pool and a bar. The cushions are comfortable and the view of the ocean can be completely enjoyed from here. The deck is open with a huge balcony.

The water splash in the cruise for the kids is centre of attention. Many adults too wish to join. Some even make a try and enjoy along with their kids. The splash is safe with no electrical equipments used to keep the flow.

Different passengers are provided with different dining time to keep the crowd minimal. There are comedians performing their best skit at every dinner.

The New Caledonia Carnival Cruise offers luxurious cabins decorated with towel art every day. The towel art includes elephant, frog, swan, monkey.

Every day a new animal is welcomed into the cabin. The journey and the tour to the Islands starts by 8 AM and passengers are to return to the ship by 5 PM.

Thousands of travelers join the cruise and are on the same schedule. So every place looks like carnival festival. If one needs privacy in their trip, the Carnival Cruise to New Caledonia is not recommended.

Sometimes the indoor ship activities make the area crowded. For those who want to spend some alone times away from the crowd, watching the sea on the open deck balconies is the best idea. There is always some place in the ship to spend some alone time. However one has to search for it!

New Caledonia Cruise Reviews rate the experience 4 out of 5 and comment that they are worth the money. The only complaint is that the cruise is crowded taking 1000s of tourists and is expensive!

There is a music band associated with the ship to offer complete entertainment.

Princess Cruise to New Caledonia

Princess Cruise

Princess Cruise is one of the most popular cruise. It offers cruise all over the world. However it offers 2 cruise option to the South Pacific Islands and especially to New Caledonia. One cruise is from Sydney and the other is from Melbourne.

The Cruise from Sydney is for 8 days and is exclusively to New Caledonia. It includes Noumea, Mystery Island (Vanuatu), Island of Pines. The price starts from 879 US Dollars. Taxes, port fees and other extra charges are charged separately to around $140.

The cruise starting at Melbourne is for 14 days. It includes Noumea (New Caledonia), Lautoka, Fiji, Port Vila, Vanuatau and Mare Islands, New Caledonia. The prices start at 1,379 USD.

The charges are higher for an ocean view room. And the cost is much more for a balcony, mini- suite and a suite. The chocolate dessert, chocolate spa treatment and chocolate tasting in the cruise is good. It organises themed parties at the crew after site seeing.

It is very hard to find seats in the entertaining rooms. It arranges for grand celebrations for birthday parties, anniversaries and for other special occasion on demand. There is a duty – free boutique inside the cruise. There is variety of fitness programs on board starting from zumba, yoga, cycling and body sculpt boot camp.

The Cruise provides spa inspired sanctuary for adults. The place is best for privacy seekers where the atmosphere is quiet and away from the noisy ship floor. It features soothing music, refreshing beverages, open air massage.

The best part of the Cruise is that they provide a detailed presentation about the port to arrive and the places near it before reaching the port. They also provide travel agents to guide the tourists in the port. This helps tourists to fix their plans before reaching the island.

However the price offered is expensive but is orderly with proper time scheduling. The Cruise offers movies under the stars. There are special private spas for honeymoon couples. There are illusionists and magicians showing their tricks at the deck.

There are facial and nail treatments in the cruise. The Cruise offers Platinum Studio where the talented photographers create professional portraits.

It offers “Ocean medallion”, which is a wearable technology that lets the guests to enjoy their personalisation on board. It allows shopping from anywhere on – boarding. It allows making reservation on board

Princess Cruise has a tie up with the Discovery Communications. This helps the tourists to get an opportunity to jump aboard the ship into the exciting Discovery Universe

There is variety of cuisines available at the dining hall if one does not like the same food provided by the ship every day.

Princess Cruise at night
Princess Cruise rooms
P&O Cruise to New Caledonia

P&O Cruise to New Caledonia

The P&O Cruise to New Caledonia begins its journey from Brisbane Australia. It includes Noumea and Loyalty Islands in its cruise. The cruise is for 7 nights and charge is 717 USD excluding tax. These are the basic rates rooms which are shared by 4 travellers. There are other cruises for 14 nights that include New Caledonian islands, Vanatau and Fiji Islands. It costs around 1300 USD.

P&O Cruise to New Caledonia accommodates various types of rooms. Interior rooms are at the basic charge and the suites are the most expensive. There are also inter connected rooms and ocean view rooms. Apart from these, the cruise also offers a pent house for those looking for a new level of luxury. Even the basic interior rooms are with TV, telephone, air conditioning, fridge, safety deposit box, wardrobe, etc. The suites come with private balcony and are absolute for privacy lovers.

The P&O New Caledonia Cruise provides variety of cuisines. There are water front restaurants in the ship. The cruise has variety of options like the Italian, Asian, Mexican, American and many more different food menus from different pat of the world.

There are many night clubs and bars for entertainment in the P&O Cruise New Caledonia. There are car simulators for kids. Also it hosts adult only stage comedy shows. Apart from all these fun, the ship also has a big casino. There is a band associated with the crew entertaining the tourist 24/7.

 The ship organises parties to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries. They offer 4 themes to the parties namely Back to school party, Gatsby party, white party and the sailaway party. Except for the sailway party the rest of the themes are included in the fare. The Gatby party is a cocktail party which will remind the participants of 20s. For a white party the participants are to dress in complete white. The party will be filled with white lights and white cocktails. Even the selfie walls are in white.

There are different dance shows.

 Big screen entertainment is available to watch movies in day and night at the balconies in open air. There are games like car simulator which gives the real time experience of car racing.

P&O Cruise inside
P&O Cruise inside seating area
Royal Caribbean Cruise to New Caledonia

Royal Caribbean Cruise to New Caledonia

New Caledonia Cruise Royal Caribbean offers 7 nights, 8 nights, 9 nights and 10 nights packages. The cruise starts from Sydney and Brisbane. The basic cost of the cruise varies from 600 – 900 USD depending on the number of days. The 7 night trip mainly includes the New Caledonia ports like Noumea, Isle of Pine, Lifou islands. The 8 and 9 night trip includes New Caledonian ports and the Vantau Islands. The 10 night trip includes Fiji along with the other ports.

New Caledonia Cruise Royal Caribbean offers various onboard activities. The Perfect Storm is an activity where a person is lifted to 48 inches minimum and the storm like atmosphere is created. It is a thrilling experience in a closed glass chamber. There are dance classes inside the ship.

There are a range of activities in the ship. It offers outdoor activities like rock climbing, ice skating. It also offers pool parties to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries. Along with late night music and buffet.

For the adventure lovers, the cruise offers flowrider, where the rider surfs on a surf board on a fast running water. The surf is 40 foot long. The prices of the sessions are in the range of 70 USD, 345 USD, and 550 USD depending on the number of hours of surfing.

It also offers tiderwave adventure, and riptides. They are arranged just besides the running ship in the sea. With the ship sailing at 65 km per hour, the experience against the water is simply thrilling! The person is dragged into the sea with precautionary safety.

There is an amplified pool. An entire deck is allocated for the pool. The pool is huge with resting benches and comfortable cushions to face the sea. There is a big and long blaster – a water sliding game.

Apart from ordinary pools there are also whirlpools. The whirlpools are artificially made to rotate just to mimic the effect of a natural whirlpool that rotates water, pulling anything and everything around it to the centre.

New Caledonia Cruise Royal Caribbean offers scuba diving certification classes on board. This is highly helpful for the tourists interested in deep sea diving. As the port is filled with marine species, the certificate is of great help to participate in various activities when one reaches the port.

There is a separate sports court for tennis, golf and badminton too. It has a North Star spot. The spot is located at the highest point in the ship. It gives 360 degree view of the ship. It is a closed glass capsule.

The ship conducts game shows. There are casinos to test one’s luck. It organises 90s street parties. Also entertains with 70s disco dances. It includes Adventure Ocean program for kids after 10 PM at 7 USD per hour. Every kid is entertained with games and activities.

The sky pad in the ship offers bungee jumping experience. There is a water park exclusively for kids where they can get drenched all day long. There is a splash away bay where the water hits the shore of the tourists participating to splash all over them.

Families can participate in the carousel. There are outdoor movie nights and culinary classes. There is a trapeze school to make the circus dreams come true. Participate in the zipline adventure to swing outside the ship and see all the nine decks.

Royal Caribbean Room
Royal Caribbean Rooms
Royal Caribbean inside
Royal Caribbean spa