New Caledonia

New Caledonia Map

New Caledonia Map

New Caledonia Location

If you are looking to find New Caledonia on a world map, it is going to be tricky to see. It is a tiny group of islands which can be found mid-way between New Zealand and Australia. If you look for New Caledonia on world map, then look just to the east of Australia and to the north of New Zealand. If the map has been prepared properly, then you should see the island!

New Caledonia Map

Map of New Caledonia

If you find as good map, then you will see that New Caledonia on a map is a group of islands. Some of them large, some of them small. Each of them offering something completely different. On this page, we are going to highlight some of the main things that you will see on a New Caledonia map.If you look on a New Caledonia map, you will notice that there is a main island. This is Grande Terre and it is the location where people will spend most of their time. This is the area where the French (after the British) really made their presence known.

New Caledonia Island Maps

There are a few groups of islands on top of this:

  • New Caledonia archipelago: this consists of Grande Terre, Belep, and the Isle of Pines (lle des Pins)

  • Loyalty Islands: many people who travel to New Caledonia do not head here. This is because they can be found a couple of hundred kilometers to the east of the main group of islands.

  • Chesterfield islands: even further to the north eat. This is where the best of the reefs in the region can be found.-

  • Matthew and Hunter Islands: these can be found to the east of the main islands. They are volcanic in nature. There is some ambiguity as to whether these islands belong to the French or Vanuatu. Most people consider them part of New Caledonia, however!

If you look at a map of New Caledonia, then you will see that Grande Terre is the largest of the islands. Despite all of the islands in this region being formed from volcanoes, this is actually the only one which is mountainous.


New Caledonia Map

Island Map In Detail

Since these are settled islands, if you look at a New Caledonia map, you will see that many of the areas on the islands are untouched.

In fact, some of the smaller islands in the region are completely untouched. As mentioned previously, Grande Terre is the largest of the islands. While there are a number of different settlements up and down the islands, the bulk of the action happens in Noumea. Close to here, you will find both an international and a domestic airport. If you are flying to New Caledonia from overseas, then it is almost certain that you will land here.

This is also the location where the majority of cruises around the New Caledonia islands will leave from and, therefore, you are going to become very familiar with it if you do end up travelling to this region!