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New Caledonia Restaurants

Best Restaurants in New Caledonia

If you are looking for the top 10 restaurants  in New Caledonia then you have come to the right place. We have sourced out some of the best restaurants that New Caledonia has to offer. 

Our food critics have selected the best of the best and listed them below. Check out the best restaurants in Noumea, Isle of Pines and whole of New Caledonia. Check them out 

Restaurant Food in New Caledonia

New Caledonian Restaurants

New Caledonia has a variety of Cuisines. The most common ones are the French, Chinese, Vietnamese, Kanak and Italian. The local New Caledonia restaurants are also found in plenty. However to get the traditional taste of New Caledonia one has to try those in the streets or on the shores.

The first eagerly thought that comes to a traveller’s mind is the food varieties in the area. The article discusses various good restaurants of New Caledonia and their special dishes.

Generally all the restaurants in Noumea, New Caledonia work from Tuesday to Sunday and are closed on Monday. The shops remain closed on Monday even during festival times when the crowd is more. Most of the restaurants accept credit cards.

New Caledonia has a lot of cuisines mainly due to the diverse population. There are French, Vietnamese, Chinese, Indonesian, American, Indian, etc. Apart from this there are also a few Italian and Mexican restaurants. The restaurants can be found only in the city of Noumea. Outside the city, the restaurants are attached to the hotels.

Snacks are the cheapest restaurants in New Caledonia. They also offer same type of recipes and meals. But the costs are comparatively lesser. The low cost meals are called snacks in New Caledonia.

Restaurants In Noumea

Cuiseine des iles - Kuendu Beach Restaurant - Noumea

The restaurant is situated overlooking the beach. The restaurant has wide choices of salad, fish and meat. The fish salad that is traditional to the island is offered at 30 NZD. It also offers roasted deer chops, cheese burger, ham.

They also provide limited vegetarian dishes like green salad, beans with garlic, fries and rice. The New Caledonia Restaurant price here is in the range between $20 – $40 NZD.

Au P’tit cafe - Noumea

Au P’tit cafe - Noumea

It is located at the Hauteurs de la ville, Noumea. The restaurant has a unique theme every week. They change the culture and also the menus frequently. Usually the menus of the restaurants depend on the seasonal product. They serve lunch and dinner.

The disappointing factor is that they allow limited customers on first com first serve basis. The place is quite famous with better taste as compared with the other restaurants in Noumea, New CaledoniaNoumea

One of their seasonal menus goes by the price of 50 NZD per meal. The plate will have 4 dishes of preferable choices made by the customer. They provide local food, sea food, French food, wine tastings, special tables for couples, friends and also for singles

Le Roof - Noumea

The restaurant is in the middle of a lagoon at the Anse Vata Beach, Noumea. It is influenced by the design of a Melanesian Overwater Bungalow.

Located amidst of waters, one can spot flying fishes and dolphins here. The restaurant is open from Tuesday to Sunday. There are lounges available to watch the sea from outside. Lobsters, Fish, Cicadas, Meat a la plancha bouillabaisse are the special menus of the restaurant.

The cost of the meal here is between $20 – $100 NZD. The local dishes here are less expensive. The seafood are also at reasonable rates. The French, Italian and the Japanese cuisine here are expensive.

 One has to make a call to the restaurant for pick up and drop services from the coast. Call at 903884. The charge for shunting is between 20 – 25 NZD.

Or one can snorkel and reach the spot taking a break at the restaurant and return back.

Le Roof
Le Roof - Noumea
Le Fare Du Palm Beach - Noumea

Le Fare Du Palm Beach - Noumea

This New Caledonia restaurant is quite famous in the city as it has been in the business for more than 30 years now. It provides American breakfast, cocktails, burgers, banana waffles. They also provide hot chocolate sauce and whipped cream. The staffs here speak both English and French. They offer free Wi – Fi connection. Don’t hesitate to ask the password to use the internet. It is located at the Noumea Orphanage bay. Ph: 687251705

The restaurant operates between 11:30 and 13:30, 19:00 and 22:00.

The restaurant is situated facing the lagoon. A good meal will set you back around $35 NZD. 

O Boucher - Noumea

O Boucher is usually referred by the locals as a good spot for eating meat. It is also appreciated by the kids as it provides gifts and is colorful.

The restaurant is located at the Promenade Roger Laroque in Noumea facing the blue waters. The high chairs provide good view. The meat comes from New Zealand and Australia.

They provide Kangaroo fillets and bison steaks which is rare to find in other New Caledonia restaurant. The meat here is baked on gas barbeque. They also offer very few veggie items. The cost ranges from 25 NZD to 40 NZD.

O Boucher - Noumea
Chez Toto - Noumea

Chez Toto - Noumea

The restaurant has a Parisian look. It is advisable to book a table in advance as the restaurant is crowded and the chairs get filled in easily.

The restaurant offers a variety of French Cuisines and is a bistro and not a dining. It is located at the Quartier Latin Noumea.

It is opened between 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM, 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM. The courses start from 32 NZD. It offers fl ank steak and tete de veau. The visitors comment they are the best to try here.

L’ Hippocampe - Noumea

The L’ Hippocampe restaurant in Noumea, New Caledonia is located in the gardens. The restaurant uses locally produced products.

The restaurants offer French and European cuisines. They also have gluten free options included in their menu. Apart from this, they also offer local dishes like foie gras. It is best for a romantic date, ideally set for newly married honeymoon couple.

It is opened between 12:30 PM and 10:30 PM. The cost of the dishes vary from 20 – 45 NZD

L’ Hippocampe - Noumea
La Pirogue - Noumea

La Pirogue - Noumea

The restaurant specialises in sea food but is different from other restaurants in Noumea New Caledonia. There are special homemade menus like tuna tartar, traditional prawns made in the island’s style, pineapple in rum and coconut milk.

The restaurant is open between 12:00 PM and 10 PM offer. It is located at Ouen Toro Noumea, Province Sud.

A La Vielle France - Noumea

It is one of the oldest restaurants in Noumea New Caledonia. The place is known for its pastries and macrons. To symbolise the heart shaped mangrove formation in New Caledonia, the restaurant creates a heart shaped chocolate called Couers de Voh. The chocolates are quite famous among the locals and also among the tourists regularly visiting the island.

 The work of baking starts at 2:30 AM here. Every day the bakers of A La Vielle France bake 20 kilograms of Croissants. The menus here are quite expensive but are worth the money.

They offer take away desert. Apart from this, they usually are open for breakfast and lunch. It is located at Quartier Latin Noumea.

Restaurants IN Isle of Pine

Snail Kuberka resort, Isle of Pine

Kuberka resort, Isle of Pine

The resort is seldom crowded when cruise visits. So it is advisable to reserve a table at 687 461800. The restaurant is known for its locally available snail recipe. The snails are endemic to the region and the recipes of the snail cannot be found in Noumea and in other parts of New Caledonia.

It is a family – run restaurant. The meals of the adults are charged around 45 NZD and of the kids are charged around 40 NZD.

Kou – Gny – Oro Bay, Isle of Pine

It is an open restaurant under the trees and along the shore. The restaurant is located at the edge of water in the beach.

The restaurant offers sea food. The restaurant offers fish menu of 3 courses at 50 NZD, chicken menu at 32 NZD, lobster menu of 3 courses at 90 NZD.

The snails at Isle of Pine are the must try and are usually offered in counts. A dozen of snails here cost 40 NZD. It is important to make reservations to dine at night by 9 AM or before evenings. The lunch should compulsorily be reserved before 9 AM.

The food cooked is for limited people based on the reservation and is crowded too. However, the tourists can decide the menu while dining.

Kou – Gny – Oro Bay Restaurant, Isle of Pine
Snack Bar at hortense’s cave – Isle of Pine

Snack Bar at hortense’s cave – Isle of Pine

The snack bar is the only restaurant located near the limestone caves. There is no regular menu. The menu is random and seasonal. The snack bar is opened throughout the day.

The chef here offers salads and other traditional dishes of the Island. The place is quiet and off the road way. The dishes here cost approximately from 15 – 20 NZD

Tel.: (+687) 86 50 65

Snack Kohu – Isle of Pine

It is open from Monday to Saturday unlike restaurants in the island that are open from Tuesday to Sunday. It is open from 8:30 AM to 2 PM.

The bar offers milkshakes, coffee, sandwiches and other French snacks. The cost of the snacks here are decent.

Snack Kohu – Isle of Pine
Fetra Sun Restaurant – Lifou Islands

Fetra Sun Restaurant – Lifou Islands

The restaurant like the restaurants in Noumea, NewCaledonia is open from Tuesday to Saturday. They provide lunch and dinner. A coffee costs around 20 NZD here. It is a seasonal restaurant that decides its menu based on the availability of the ingredients. It is located above the Bay of Chateaubriand. They have thematic evenings. The themes change from time to time based on the season.

The place provides event planning like birthdays, weddings, etc.


Other Restaurants

Some of the other restaurants and places for authentic food are as follows

  • Le PAndanus snack bar, Noumea – It is renowned for fish and cheese topped sweet potatoes

  • Port Moselle – There is a market located next to the port facing the sea. The market has a line of food shops. It includes local food recipes, French recipes, Italian and many more. There are a variety of beers, fruit drinks and sea food.

  • Chocolates – The place has exclusive chocolates. It is located at the Latin Quarter.

  • The best crabs can be found at Ouvea,

    • Beaupre boarding house

    • Banu Hotel – La Foa

    • Poingam, Grand Terre (North)