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New Caledonia Tours

New Caledonia Tours

Tours in New Caledonia

New Caledonia tours vary, and choosing which one to participate depends on factors like your interest, the people going on the tour with you, the experience you want to try and so on.

There are many companies in the city to serve you a tour that is the most exciting and specific to your needs.

Our travel experts have 20 of the best tours in New Caledonia and have listed it below. Check them out 

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best New Caledonia Tours

New Caledonia Tours

To help you get started, below are New Caledonia Tours you may want to add on your bucket list 

Half Day Cultural Or Botanical New Caledonia Tour From Nouméa

This is one of the Noumea half day tours you must consider, especially If you are in New Caledonia for the first time. This tour lets guests choose two options, both focus on botanical or cultural aspects of Pacific island. For cultural option, you will see the oldest church in the New Caledonia, Miracle Church and the Tjibaou Cultural Center, and for botanical option you can see the home of the famous movie Jurassic Park, Grand South and the Plum Spring.

On this tour, guests will be given the chance to stop at many destinations where they can see breathtaking sceneries that would make their heart stop a beat because of amazement and happiness.

In this tour you will be picked up and dropped off to your hotel, and a guide/driver, admission and entry at the Tjibaou Cultural Center are all included while food and drinks are not included. The departure time for this tour is 2:00 P.M. and you will be sent back to your accommodation after.

To make tour reservation you can contact viator through their website, or call their hotline at +1 (702) 648 – 5873.

Tour cost from : $130.00

Estimated Tour Time: 3 Hours

Noumea New Caledonia
Country Tour by Lyvai

This tour offers its guests almost everything they need to see when in Noumea. First stop is the Tjibaou Culture center where guests will discover many beautiful architectures, mainly dedicated to the Kanak art.

Next stop will be at the Eglise De La Conception, a beautiful church with stained glass windows, bell tower and a beautiful tropical surround. And for your last stop, it will be at the Ouen Toro NOUMEA Nouvelle Caledonie, see nand ejoy the beautiful mountain chain, heavy guns back from World War II, lagoon and Anse Vata Bay.

Inclusion in the trip is entry on the Tjibaou Cultural Center.

Lyvai is located at 12473, Noumea 98802, New Caledonia and you can reach them at their number +687 72.17.69.

Tour cost from : $80.00

Estimated Tour Time: 2 hours and 30 minutes

Churches In Noumea by Oleti Tours
Churches In Noumea by Oleti Tours

If you are in love with the thought of visiting many churches in the city, this tour is indeed for you. This tour will bring you to the city’s three most beautiful and oldest churches

This tour will let you discover history of the beautiful churches, Cathedral St. Joseph, Old reformist temple and the Church of the Immaculate Conception, including their construction. You should not worry as there is a guide that will lead you through these churches and explain to you everything you must know about it.

To know availability of the tour, contact them through email, or contact number, +687 565005 or through their website at

Tour cost: $40 – $80

Estimated Tour Time: 3 Hours

Colours of the Great South by Oleti Tours
Colours of the Great South

This exciting tour will bring you to the South of New Caledonia. Those who love the nature must be here. In this day trip, guests will know the three colors of their flag, red for the Great South scenery and iron rich ground which you can only see here, blue for the blue river and the fifty shades of blue of the famous south lagoon which you can see while at the Cap N’ Dua, and from the artificial lake that was built 1959 you will led to the unique vegetation and yes, green it is.

The trip includes a visit to the village of Prony, locally prepared lunch at the Gite Lya seaside diner, discovery of Madeleine waterfalls and Yate’s lake and other stops like Cape N’ Dua and Wadiana Falls.

To know more about the tour, call them at +687 565005, or their website at or through their email,

Tour cost: $120 – $240

Estimated Tour Time: 9 Hours

The “ French Touch” by viator
The “ French Touch” by viator

This is a perfect tour to join if you have kids. In this tour you can visit the Noumea Morning Market and see local sellers of vegetables and fruits and fishmongers as well. You can also shop for souvenirs here. Second stop is at the Tonton Jules Chocolate Shop for chocolate tasting that you would never want to miss out.

Next stop is at the Hill Ouen Toro, Noumea, grand Terre for a great panoramic view, the beautiful beach of Anse vata and lagoon. Following that is a stop at the Tjibaou cultural center to discover art and culture of the Melanesian and architecture. After an hour the tour will bring you to the Kuendu Beach and enjoy the beauty of the calm beach.

A gourmet lunch awaits guests in one of the most popular restaurants in Noumea, Restaurant La Marmite. Following these two stops are the Parc Zoologique to see birds and the Tour du transmission MOBILIS.

Tour cost from : $250.00

Estimated Tour Time: 7 Hours

Tours Noumea
Signal Island Turtle Tour
Signal Island Turtle Tour

This tour will bring you into the wild and enjoy a sight of one of the largest lagoons you can see in your life. Signal Island is a serene white sand which is not populated at all. Swim with the turtles, enjoy beautiful corals, nice reef fishes and more.

The tour includes a driver/guide, all handling charges, fees and taxes, port pick up and drop off, national park fees and use of snorkeling gears or equipment. Not included in the trip are foods and drinks.

Tour cost from: $80

Estimated Tour Time: 4 Hours

Signal Island Turtle Tours
Turtle Tours
Guided City Orientation Tour of Noumea
Guided City Orientation Tour of Noumea

This short but sweet tour will bring you to popular destinations such as Anse Vata Bay, Orphelinat Bay, Lemon Bay, Coconut Bay and Ouen Toro. Your guide will give you all the information you need to make the trip worthwhile. Included in the tour are air conditioned tour vehicle that will pick you up and drop you off your hotel, and stops to the city’s most iconic destinations plus a well knowledgeable guide.

Tour cost from: $45

Estimated Tour Time: 1 Hour and 30 minutes

Private Half Day Sailing Tour From Noumea

This boat tour will sail for the Escapade island and will cross the world’s biggest lagoon while on the way. This is where tourists can see and discover beautiful gardens of corals with colorful and nice reel fish and if the world is kind, you will see green sea turtles and giant clams.

What made this different from the rest is you can reach beautiful parts of the reefs here that most guests miss.

Inclusion are snorkel instruction, private tour plus experienced crew to ensure personalized attention and use of snorkeling equipment. Alcoholic drinks, lunch and drinks on the other hand, are not included.

Tour cost from: $1200

Estimated Tour Time: 5 hours

Green Train Noumea

Another tour from viator is the Green Train Noumea. Get excited as you are about to ride one of the best rides for sightseeing and tour. This 90 minute ride will bring you around the capital. You will be joined not just by your Train’s Captain but also a well knowledgeable tour guide.

All of the most important and must see places in the city, like the town’s center, the markets, the old quarters, the famous Canon lookout and the beaches are here in this tour.

Tour cost from: $40.00

Estimated Tour Time: 1 hour and 30 minutes

Tjibaou Cultural Center – Stories of men
Tjibaou Cultural Center – Stories of men

A tour at one of the most beautiful buildings in New Caledonia is a must when here. This tour will let you learn a lot about the secrets of the building’s construction, tragic history of Jean-Marie Tjibaou, kanak independist leader and priest, Tea Kanake and more. If you are looking for a tour that will lead you to many information and history about Tjibaou Culture Center, you must join the tour.

Your friendly and well rounded tour guide will provide you information one by one, in the most detailed manner possible.

For more information about the tour, you can call +687 565005, or visit the Oleti’s website at or by sending them an email at

Tour cost: $40 – $80

Estimated Tour Time: 3 Hours

Place des Cocotiers
Secrets Of Coconut Square

And yes, who would not love to be in Coconut Square if you are in New Caledonia? This tour will open your eyes and mind why the famous coconut square or some they call La place des cocotiers is right at the heart of Noumea.

When you join this tour, you will not only get the chance to see more about coconut square but you will also get the chance of learning its history, including stories, scandals and secrets.

Visit their website at, call their hotline at +687 565005 or send them an email at

Tour cost: $40 – $80

Estimated Tour Time: 2 Hours

Colonial Houses Tour
Colonial Houses Tour

This is a perfect way to immense yourself back in 19th century. This tour will bring you to two historical districts of the Noumea, the “Valle des Colons” and “Fauborg Blanchot” and two other iconic colonial houses around.

This tour will let you learn the famous history of the Maison Celieres, see beautiful colonial homes, luxurious and old, two hectares park and more. If you want to feel the life way back the 19th century, there is no other tour to join than the Colonia Houses Tour.

If you are interested to join the tour, you can check their website at, send Oleti’s an email at or call their hotline at +687 565005.

Tour cost: $160 – $220

Estimated Tour Time: 7 Hours

Tribal Tour

Thinking how it is to live in a tribe? This 8 hour tour will lead you to one of the most peaceful tribes, Oui Poin. So, after being welcomed by the tribe, you will be taught of the proper usage of plants, essential plants for food, like bananas, taro, jam and coconut, the helpful medicinal plants being used centuries ago and other plants that surround the area to avoid bad spirits.

At lunch, you will be served with delicious food and after, you will be given time to explore the tribe, by learning coconut leave/s weaving and meet and know more about their natives.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact them through their number +687 565005, their website at, or email:

Tour cost: $120 – $240

Estimated Tour Time: 8 Hours

Lemon Beach Noumea
Sunset of the lagoon

There is no better time to tour around Noumea than sunset. Get ready as your tour guide is more than ready to bring you to places where you can swim (Anse Vata or lemon Bay), practice Petanque with Melanesian people, and relax and enjoy a scenic view as the sun disappears in the ocean.

Enjoy whistles of birds, clicks, squawks, clicks, chirps and the smell of the city’s local flowers. You can also ask your guide to bring you to a Nakamal so you can try their traditional Melanesian drink, kava.

Send Oleti’s an email at

Tour cost: $45-$90

Estimated Tour Time: 3 Hours