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Tourism in New Caledonia


Up until the 1970s, New Caledonia was a place which seemed to be overlooked by most tourists. It was not until the conclusion of the Korean and Vietnam War where New Caledonia decided that it really wanted the tourist trade.

After a period of redevelopment and huge marketing campaigns, mainly to those in Australia and New Zealand, tourism in New Caledonia was off to a flying start.


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Tourism in New Caledonia

In the early years of New Caledonia tourism, few people headed to the islands. It capped out at 5,000 a year. However, after the region was marketed as the ‘Paris of the Pacific’, which it really is owing to its French influences, the number of people heading to the area rose sharply.

In just five years, this number shot up to 20,000. Just a few short years later, this hit 37,000 people yearly heading to the islands. This allowed even more development, and at this moment in time, over 100,000 people head to the islands each year. This number is only rising too.

Most of the New Caledonia tourism campaigns are based around the relaxing nature of the islands. If you head here, then you can kick back and relax on the beach. The tropical climate continues year round, with the temperatures in the winter months hitting around 22C, which is still far higher than most other locations where people head from, which makes it the perfect getaway!

New To Tourism

Since the islands are new on the tourism front, they are not heavily built up like some of the other tourist hotspots around the world. They still have a very tranquil nature about them. No matter where you head in the region, gorgeous, natural sights will greet you. In fact, there is so much natural space still unclaimed in the area, many New Caledonia tourists will head here for a good camping session.


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Isle of Pines is the New Caledonia Barrier Reef

French Influence Tourism

New Caledonia tourism is also focused on the rich cultural heritage of the islands. As you may well know, the region is a dependent territory of France (i.e. it has its own central government). This means that the French influence over the islands will be very apparent.

There is a reason why early marketing campaigns claimed that this was the Paris of the Pacific! Of course, this is not the only culture to be found here. The British arrived on the islands roughly the same time that the French did, so a small amount of their influence can be found here. This is coupled with influence from the natives (known as the Kanaks), as well as the influence of European and North African prisoners and settlers that arrived on the islands centuries ago. To cap it off, Polynesian immigrants have also had a huge impact on the islands.

Basically, if you want one of the most unique experiences in the world from a cultural standpoint, then heading to New Caledonia is probably one of the best places you can go!

Remember, there is a lot to do here. Whether you are after fantastic food, to be at one with nature, or just to relax on the beach, the islands have it all.