New Caledonia Currency

New Caledonia Currency

New Caledonia is the  Pacific Francs (CFP)

Currency In New Caledonia

Looking to travel to New Caledonia and not sure what currency to take ? Then we can help. The most common currency used in New Caledonia is the  Pacific Francs (CFP). You will be able to use the CFP in all the islands of New Caledonia. 

The conversion from New Zealand dollar works out about 70 New Caledonia Currency (CFP).  So 1 NZD = 70 CFP Franc 


Where to Get CFP Franc ?

You can get this currency from any of the leading banks like BCi or even BNP Paribas. In order to change your money to New Caledonia currency you will need to show your passport. One of the best ways to change your currency is using the local money exchange ATM, these are scatted all over major centers in New Caledonia. Make sure you are aware of the currency conversion fees and commissions charges.

Take New Caledonia Money With You

If you are traveling from New Zealand or any county make sure to take some New Caledonia currency just to be on the safe side. as you might need it to pay for your taxi or any other services after you land.



New Zealand Dollar to New Caledonia Dollar 

You can check out the latest exchange rates by searching “pacific francs to nzd”, this will give you the latest exchange rate. This rate should be used as a guide only as when you go to convert your money, additional charges and commission will apply. The rates are subjected to change so always be prepaid and carry a bit more money just in case of emergency.

New Caledonia Currency FAQ

What money do they use in New Caledonia ?

Official currency of New Caledonia is the Comptoirs Francais du Pacifique francs, or CFP franc

Does New Caledonia offer currency exchange ?

Banks and specialized ATM offer currency exchange in New Caledonia.

How expensive is to buy stuff in New Caledonia ?

New Caledonia prices for goods and services is about the same as what you will be paying locally in New Zealand.

Can i use our local currency in New Caledonia ?

In some places you will be able to use your local currency to buy goods or pay for services, make sure to ask before you use the service.

Where to exchange currency in New Caledonia ?

You will be able to exchange your New Zealand currency to New Caledonia currency at the leading banks like BCi or even BNP Paribas.

Do i need to take New Caledonia currency when traveling there ?

Yes it is recommended to carry at least few hundred dollars CFP when traveling to New Caledonia as you might have to pay for immediate services like taxi fares, food and drinks etc