New Caledonia Weather

New Caledonia Weather

New Caledonia weather tends to veer towards a semi-tropical climate. However, it is not a true semi-tropical climate. There are southeast trade winds coming through to the islands, which does influence the weather a little. However, no matter when you head here, you can expect fantastic weather in New Caledonia. It is always going to be warm. However, it is worth noting that different times of the year may be more suitable depending on the reason you are travelling to the area.

weather-in-new-caledoniaIt is always worth checking the weather forecast for New Caledonia shortly before you travel. It does not vary all that much, but planning like this will ensure that you can fit everything into your trip. The last thing you want to do is plan a ‘beach day’ when the New Caledonia weather is probably going to be cold. It is also worth thinking about the islands that you are staying on. Most people will be staying on Grande Terre in Noumea, but some people may also head to the Loyalty Islands. They will all have their own temperature ranges.


New Caledonia Weather

January and February

Most people do not suggest that you travel to New Caledonia during January or February, not if you do not want to feel uncomfortable, at least. This is because the weather in New Caledonia in January tends to be very hot and humid. It may be fine for jumping into the ocean or carrying out water-related activities, but if you are planning to explore the islands, and it is really suggested that you do, then it is probably going to be far too hot during these months.

April to May

This is where the real tourist season in New Caledonia begins. The Weather in New Caledonia in May and April tends to be hot, but not too hot. The region will have just escaped the rainy season, which means you can relax without the worry of needing to run inside due to a sudden downpour of rain. If you are planning to sit on the beach, then this is the time of the year that you may wish to come.

June to August

The weather in New Caledonia in June all the way through to the weather in New Caledonia in August will start to cool down. While it is common for the temperatures to be over 22C, most beach goers will find that the weather will be a touch too cold for them. However, if you are planning to head to the region to hike, or perhaps go whale watching, then the New Caledonia weather in August may be just the thing for you.

October to November

The tourists would have departed by this time. The heat will be starting to creep up again, but it won’t be anywhere near as bad as in January and February. If you wish to experience the island without being bogged down in the middle of tourist season, then the New Caledonia weather in November may be just right for you. It is hot enough to want to swim, but not so hot that you will find it difficult to explore the region.

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