new caledonia resorts

New Caledonia Resorts

New Caledonia Resorts

new-caledonia-resortsWhen it comes to New Caledonia resorts, you have a plethora of them to choose from. This is not unexpected, really. Remember, the majority of people who come to New Caledonia do so in order to kick back and relax. As a result, this is a prime location for resorts, ones that fit just about every single budget too! On this page, we are going to look at some of the best New Caledonia hotels and resorts.


Chateau Royal Beach Resort and Spa

Chateau Royal Beach Resort and SpaWhen it comes to New Caledonia 5 star resorts, this one easily rests at the top of the pile. Located right on the beach, many of the rooms have stunning views out to the ocean. Remember, that ocean is crystal clear too. Whether you head here during the summer or the winter months, you can expect to be in awe at just how relaxing the whole place is. Since this is located in Noumea, it is going to provide an ideal base of operations for you to explore the rest of the island.

The only real downside to this hotel resort is that the pool is a little bit small. You have one of the finest oceans in the world at your disposal. Why would you want to be in the pool?



Le Meridien lle ds Pins

Le Meridien lle ds PinsThis one of the resorts in New Caledonia can be found on the Isle of Pines. For those who are unaware, the Isle of Pines is virtually ‘untouched’. It still retains most of its natural beauty and boasts a completely different vibe to the main island. This hotel is located in a prime spot. It is a short hop from the beach, and you will have a huge amount of privacy in your bungalow while you are surrounded by large trees. One of the main highlights is the fact that there is a lot to do while you are staying in the hotel, and many of the best things are actually included in the cost!




Koulnoue Village

Koulnoue VillageNext up on our list of New Caledonia resorts luxury is Koulnoue Village, which can be found on Grand Terre, a little outside of Noumea.  The ocean views which can be found in Koulnoue Village are impeccable. Honestly, waking up to the sun rising over the ocean is going to be worth the cost alone! Many visitors who head to this resort comment on the bungalows here being among the most comfortable on the island!





L’Escapade Island Resort

L’Escapade Island ResortFinally, another resort that can be found on Noumea. The location of the bungalows here is wonderful. The other five star New Caledonia resorts that you find on this list tend to be nestled in some trees. Not this one. Many of the best bungalows are located on a pier structure which stretches right out there into the ocean. This means that you will be able to experience even better views! It is a surprisingly affordable place to stay in too considering the amenities!

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